Amy Frienberg has spent much of her life in front of the camera. Born and raised in Columbia County, New York she has always been full of life, love, and the passion for having her photograph taken. Friends and family describe Amy as fun-loving, hilarious, determined, hard-working and ultra- compassionate—someone with an infectious smile who embraces life and all that it entails.

Amy attended Sage College in New York. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. Amy also began modeling with Barbara Thomas Model Management in Upstate New York.  It didn’t take long before both Barbara and Amy knew that she was a natural.  The camera loves Amy and Amy loved working hard to produce the perfect image for each photo shoot or the perfect display of outfitting at each fashion show.  The stronger Amy’s skills became, the more valuable Amy was in Barbara’s organization.  Not only was she Barbara’s top model, but she began to coach, mentor, and train all of the new talent in New York.

After a few years break in her thirties, Amy missed modeling and the warmth and inspiration that it brought to her.  In order to re-enter the modeling field, she had to start from scratch.  Amy worked her way back up in the field booking photo shoots and fashion shows galore.  She was asked to host and act as well.  At first, Amy did not think that this was something that she would excel in since she had not previously been a speaking actress.  However, Amy is thorough.  After research training,  and practice, Amy gave in!

After spending some time taking body movement, reporting, and interviewing classes to fine tune an innate talent, Amy began casting for many speaking and host roles.  Amy’s portfolio now includes tv acting, hosting, print and live modeling and much more. Amy has recently been on television shows including Dr. Oz, The Good Wife, REDRUM, and The Following.  Movie work includes Indifferent Women, The Vigilante, and Cassanova was a Woman.  Print and video clients include Prevention Magazine, As Seen on TV, Clever Mop, Mamonides Hospital, Neutratone skin care, NY Traveler for LaGuardia Airport, Khuaira Cosmetics, Evoke Style, Fashion Night Out Albany, and PS21/ReWraps.

Along the way, Amy decided to co-produce a show sharing one of her many passions, the Hudson Valley region of New York. She visits, interviews and reports on all of the amazing things to Eat, See and Do in the Hudson Valley region on a web based series called, Destination Hudson Valley.

Amy is thrilled to be working in a world where women of all different colors, shapes, and sizes are appreciated  There is a place for her body type in the fashion world. Amy hopes to inspire young girls and women to be fit and healthy and love, accept and honor their bodies at any size.

When Amy is not modeling, she can be found at home with her husband and son, spending time with friends, or cooking and baking some of the amazingly healthy and unique recipes that she whips up on a whim.

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